We help musicians reach
a Larger Audience

Here's What We Do.

What's behind that curtain? Here's how it works


We are in collaboration with over a thousand influencers in different music genres.... We use very creative strategies to grab the attention of the audience without disrupting their experience.


Using the power of social media we can provide musicians with a strategy that attracts thousands of listeners to their profile, giving them the opportunity to start building a loyal fanbase.


Our talented designers, copywriters & video producers will create the best content for your brand. Album cover art, Websites, Copywriting, Professional profile descriptions & Lyric music videos - we can do it all. If you really want to stand out from the crowd & start building a brand this is the way to go.


We have a dedicated team of professional musicians who provide detailed feedback for your tracks & give you ways on how you can improve your skills, style and overall uniqueness. Feedback is pure, honest & direct. Word Of Caution: don’t make use of it unless you are ready of being criticised.


Guaranteed radio airplay on top radio stations. We can get tracks of major genres played on air on top radio stations.


We have several connections in the Movie/TV industry where your music can be submitted and chosen for Movies and TV Productions.


Common Questions, Answered.

But what's #WEARESALTY?

#WEARESALTY is more than just a company, #WEARESALTY is a movement and together we aim to change the music industry forever. We think that a music career should be more accessible to those who really deserve it so we work day in day out with one simple goal in mind... To revolutionize the music industry. We make Awesome Brands, Give Constructive Feedback & Provide innovative & effective Promo strategies. #WEARESALTY's job is to make you, the musician Unique in every aspect.
I don't know where to start, can you give me some advice?

No worries, we've all been there. If you think that you have reached a good level with your music quality, you should start by getting Feedback so you can get a second opinion.

When we give feedback, we will also give you multiple suggestions on what you should do to improve your image & start gaining some popularity. If you don't have any branding whatsoever our next suggestion would be to look at the Brand Identity page so you can revamp your image as a musician or band.

Once that is done the next step should be taken without any fear. Promotion is the single most important thing for your future in the music industry so depending on the stage you're in head over to the Social Media Marketing page and choose to start promoting your tracks on your favourite social media platform. This should be followed by Influencer Marketing to get the maximum exposure.