Brand Identity

Look like a Pro

With the help of professional brand identity services.
  • -Attract More High Quality Fans
  • -Look More Professional
  • -Carefully Crafted for your Style & Audience
  • -Delivered in 2 Weeks - 1 Month (Depends on what you order)


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Why should I get Professional Branding?

Branding is something very useful for a musician or band. With a brand you are able to build a culture & connect with your fans on a human level. When trying to get a message across through your music, branding will also give visuals to what you are trying to say to your audience. Branding should be done before any promotion work is done.... this is because promotion is 100x more effective if you have professional branding around your music.
How long till this campaign gets delivered?

Delivery can take around 2 - 4 weeks in total. This gives us enough time to make proper research on your target audience & come up with the best possible strategy to make huge Impact.
Can I See Some Examples?

Sure, here you go:


Here's what other musicians have to say.

WHATTT!! I'm so excited about our new logo and cover artwork... this is going to look so good on our Soundcloud account. I must admit that you guys are the best when it comes to musician branding, we have never felt so unique & motivated towards our career.

- AI

#WEARESALTY just delivered my PRO lyric video after a month of anticipation. I was dying of curiosity but it was worth the wait as the final product is very creative and professional... Uploading to my youtube account right now, can't wait for my fans to give me feedback on this.

- Downlink