Imagine a world where you never have to think about insurance again because it’s embedded in your purchase. Embedded Insurance® means it is embedded in the process of buying something, so it’s easy and immediate – not an extra step like calling a broker or comparing prices on a website.  

We are excited to introduce Salty Embedded Insurance which delivers the right policy at the right price exactly when you need it most.

Traditionally, insurance has been sold by commision-driven agents; the more they sell, the more they make. Embedded Insurance never pushes a policy that’s going to hand big profit margins to someone else. Unlike traditional insurance agents, Salty leverages technology like real-time data mining, machine learning and programmatic quoting to build a custom policy with the right coverage, in a matter of minutes.

Embedded Insurance is on your side. It’s seamless, easy, and less stressful. It wipes away impediments to buying insurance because we do the shopping for you. With our technology automating your insurance needs and removing all the biases, you get the exact coverage that’s right for you.  We are making insurance a no-brainer. No extra steps. No BS. Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it most. Salty is there for life’s biggest decisions, making it easy to live better, do more, and worry less.

Peace of mind

Here at Salty, we believe insuring valuable things should be simple and transparent. You no longer have to doubt whether or not you are covered appropriately or overpaying for your policy. Instead of spending time searching for the best deal or the correct coverage, our intelligent platform makes that process seamless, easy, and less stressful all with the click of a button!

Salty is on the path to transform the industry and to democratize insurance for all.