Engaging Customers With A Personalized Experience

Car buyers are rapidly turning to the internet to search for their next vehicle before heading into the dealership. They’re researching styles, models and vehicle options long before they reach out to take a test drive or consider a purchase. And as their expectations continue to rise, the customer experience is a key differentiator when choosing where to buy and service their vehicles.

Statistics show that dealership sales could rise as much as 24% if the customer experience were to improve. 54% of consumers also said they would buy from dealers who provided better experiences compared to lower prices. These numbers are driving dealers to change how they interact with potential buyers.

Engaging the customer with a personalized car-buying experience has become the key to success. Dealerships have invested in communication technology such as text and video chat to help their employees engage with customers.

Efficiency is another key differentiator for the customer. More efficient transactions help dealerships boost their customer satisfaction significantly. According to a DealerNewsToday survey, Sales staff leave their customers for a total of 20 minutes during the process. Too much time away can reduce customer satisfaction by up to 30%.

CDK Salty Embedded Insurance® can benefit both the customer and the dealer. With Salty, dealers have the opportunity to integrate the insurance purchase process seamlessly into the customer car-buying journey with a simple, convenient text. We send it precisely at the time they need it in their car buying journey. Recently, it was found that the majority of consumers want to shop for insurance during the car buying process. There’s no better time to introduce them to one of the conveniences that your dealership offers than while the deal is being booked! Read below to learn five traits of a successful customer-centric dealership and add Salty to your sales portfolio today.


5 Traits of a Successful Dealership Sales Team

1. Transparency
Create a culture of honesty

2. Trustworthy
Create a feeling of family

3. Caring
Create a sense of individual well-being

4. Efficient
Create a sales structure that values time

5. Personal
Create a personalized car-buying journey