Improve Your Music Quality & Style

With the help of professional feedback.
  • -Improve your Music
  • -Honest & Detailed Feedback
  • -Delivered in 2-3 days


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Why should I get Feedback?

Feedback is very important for a musician, without it he has no plan of action and knowledge on what he needs to do to improve his music. Feedback is important to help you get unstuck and on your way to continue improving.
How long till it gets delivered?

Depends on the load of our feedback department, it should take around 5-10 days.
What does this include?

We will give you feedback on your track in general, lyrics(if any), beats, uniqueness & sound quality. We will then also tell you what you need to do to improve the track, your image & promotional methods.


Here's what other musicians have to say.

Got some great feedback for my recent song & my style in general. I will start working on the suggestions as soon as possible and will be back for another feedback session. This is great, finally I have a professional who can give me constructive feedback.

- Mayhem

Been using the feedback services for quite a while now, which has helped me improve my music & find my own style. #WEARESALTY also gave me great suggestions on my image as a musician & promotion in general... I can't thank you guys enough.

- Downlink