Influencer Marketing

Get Huge Exposure Creatively

With the help of influencer marketing.
  • -Creative Campaign Creation
  • -Reach a Highly Engaging Audience
  • -Targeted to your Genre
  • -Delivered in 2 Weeks - 1 Month


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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the means of getting an individual with a lot of following to endorse your track.... We usually do this in very creative / subtle ways and not in the usual "mention" - This is done with well-thought strategies which in the end will get more results. An influencer could be a blogger on Instagram, Vlogger on Youtube or even a Musica.ly Poster. Your track will go wherever it has the most potential to reach your target audience.
How long till this campaign gets delivered?

Delivery can take around 2 - 4 weeks in total. This gives us enough time to make proper research on your target audience & come up with the best possible strategy to make huge Impact.
Why is Influencer Marketing Beneficial?

Unlike Traditional Marketing methods, influencer marketing doesn't disrupt the user's current state but instead, your track is broadcast to the user in such a subtle way that a high percentage of listeners usually re-share the track which starts a Viral-Like Phenomenon.


Here's what other musicians have to say.

I have never used an influencer marketing campaign before but I was hearing so many good things about it that I decided to try it out. Having worked with #WEARESALTY before I felt comfortable in taking this step with them. Once the campaign was delivered I started receiving immediate feedback and the results I've seen in a week left me speechless. In fact I even think that this may have even got me signed with a major record label 6 months down the line.

- Mayhem

I've used this type of marketing twice up till this point. Each time I spread my tracks around through Influencer Marketing I get so much opportunities... managers, labels, clubs & endless collaboration requests. Before I did the first one(which had a pretty large reach) I was pretty unkown in my genre - and I had never done any collaborations with anyone. The investment has been returned back to me with the collaborations alone - these opportunities are priceless and they have been of such value to me.

- Downlink