Keeping Up With Today’s Auto Insurance Market Challenges

Insurance brokers and carriers are struggling to keep up in today’s digital market. Consumers are continually seeking faster and easier ways to manage their needs. They don’t want to submit information and wait for a call back — they want answers right away. The pandemic pushed insurers and brokers to engage digitally, but it’s clear that the process needs more work.

Consumers are not only looking for digitization — they’re also not satisfied with their current carriers or coverage. A recent study from Accenture shows that less than one-third (29%) of insurance customers are satisfied with their current providers due to poor experience. As the cost of insurance continues to rise, consumers are quicker to look for less expensive options without concern for the carrier chosen.

The reality is that consumers don’t enjoy the process of buying insurance. Embedding insurance throughout the customer journey can help make the whole process less daunting. Unlike traditional ways of purchasing insurance, embedded products offer a flexible, easy-to-use platform that appeals to today’s customers. Providing a digital experience such as CDK Salty Embedded Insurance® gives you the opportunity to meet customers where they are in the purchasing process.

Salty Embedded Insurance® provides car buyers with the seamless experience they’re looking for by offering auto insurance as part of the process. The mobile technology allows customers to purchase insurance from the palm of their hand in a matter of minutes — all without disrupting the car-buying experience.

Here are three ways Salty can help you enhance your customer experience.


Three Ways Salty Can Create a Better Customer Experience

1. Adds a Personalized Touch

2. Provides Transparency

3. Creates Convenience


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