Salty is embedded insurance®

We use rocket science so you don’t have to.

Salty’s platform creates a seamless experience driven by artificial intelligence. It saves customers time, money, and protects their investment right at the point of purchase.

Salty Simplified.

We’re much more than this blue box. We are seamlessly integrated into your process, with a lot of digital ponies pushing the platform.

The Essential Elements

Salty’s technology is a proprietary software-as-service (SaaS) solution that enables carriers and distribution partners to offer a custom-built policy that insures a product or service in real-time.

Real-Time Data

A/B testing of rules, models, and assets consistently delivers the most precise insurance quote, paving the way for dynamic underwriting innovation.


Data Enrichment

Artificial intelligence analyzes unique data sources to learn and understand the buyer and their purchase.


Programmatic Quoting

Algorithms connect to carriers and interpret various data sources to select the right policy for each customer.


Distribution Partners

Agnostic to all business models.



Our technology reduces friction for customers, partners, and carriers and makes getting insurance easy and immediate.


Life Events

Agnostic platform covering life’s biggest events from buying a car to purchasing a home.


Seamless Integration

We build APIs and workflows that seamlessly integrate into your customer’s journey.



Built with cutting-edge security encryption to safeguard user data.


Regulatory Compliance

Salty is licensed in all 50 states.


Ready to make your business smarter?

Salty is changing when and how insurance is bought.

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