Salty Acquires CoNarrative

Salty Dot Inc., the Embedded Insurance® technology company, today announced the acqui-hire of CoNarrative Inc. The transaction includes hiring staff to expand Salty’s engineering and product teams and the purchase of key intellectual property.

As a result of the transaction, four employees will be joining the Salty family from CoNarrative, with backgrounds in User Experience, Realtime Platform Analytics, and Data Architecture. With their expertise, Salty will further enhance its consumer experience and data platform to serve customers, distributors, and partners by reducing the friction of the insurance buying experience. As a result, Salty will be more adaptable to address changing consumer needs as the insurance sector digitizes.

“We are excited by the opportunity to bring our experience and FormUX technology to market in the insurance industry, an industry not particularly well known for innovative consumer-first experiences,” says Mike Gai, SVP Data Engineering, and CoNarrative. “Together, Salty and CoNarrative are uniquely placed to transform the current insurance experience and provide measurable benefits to society through our platform.”

The CoNarrative team will initially focus on building new experiences for consumers as part of Salty’s  Embedded Insurance platform, creating memorable and scalable user experiences.

“I am excited to welcome the CoNarrative team,” said Toby Coleridge, Chief Product Officer of Salty. “The acquisition of CoNarrative will further differentiate Salty’s customer journey. It will also expedite our data enrichment strategy and drive new insights on behalf of  consumers – complementing our unique underwriting advantage.”

About Salty

Salty Dot, Inc. is the Embedded Insurance® technology company. Salty removes existing consumer impediments to buying the right policy and having the proper coverage. The company’s platform is a proprietary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that enables carriers and distribution partners to offer a customized policy to insure a product or service in real-time during the purchase process. Salty uses artificial intelligence to analyze unique data sources about the buyer and the purchase. It then sorts through multiple carriers to seamlessly offer the right insurance. The company is licensed to operate in all 50 states through Salty Dot Insurance Agency, LLC and its affiliates.

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