Salty is embedded insurance®

Insurance that won’t take you for a ride.

Getting your new ride insured shouldn’t be a complicated or annoying extra step in the purchase process. It should just be part of the process itself.

Whether your vehicle of choice is a car, motorcycle, snowmobile, or bicycle, our platform makes it easy to get the coverage you need the moment you need it. At that moment is when you’re ready to drive or ride out the door with your new set of wheels.

How Embedded Insurance Works

Cars, Motorcycles, Powersports, & Bicycles

Step 1

You’re about to buy or lease something amazing, and you need (or should have) insurance for it. That’s when we go to work.

Step 2

Salty uses artificial intelligence to understand you, what you’re buying, and the right policies for you.

Step 3

Salty analyzes your data, then sorts through multiple carriers and presents the right quote in real-time.

Step 4

With a few clicks, you’re covered. No complicated paperwork...the right policy you need from day one.

Enjoy peace of mind by insuring the things that matter most, while saving you time and money.